New working paper: Provoking Relations, Assembling the Comparator

Team Organising Disaster are pleased to be able to release a new CSISP working paper, titled “Same, Same But Different: Provoking Relations, Assembling the Comparator”. It can be downloaded here:

The paper draws on our experience of working on the project and trying to find the ‘same, same but different’. As we outline in the paper, this has directed our attention to two questions: Who or more appropriately what is the comparator? And how does the comparator affect a researcher’s relationship with the objects being compared?

In introducing the concept of the comparator, we focus attention on the actor that undertakes the work of comparison. It has to be assembled from diverse entities, according to specific forms of knowledge and expertise. In order to produce the comparative output, we show how these assembled parts have to actively intervene and provoke relations between previously uncompared inputs.