Organising Disaster at Turner Contemporary

Organising Disaster is working in collaboration with Turner Contemporary and with independent curator Francesca Laura Cavallo developing aspects of the exhibition and associated public programme of Risk, an exhibition running from the 7th October 2015 to 17 January 2016 about the subject of art and risk.

Creating art is risky by nature. It always involves an element of the unknown; a gap between intent and outcome, as well as the potential for critique, failure or ridicule. Risk is also a significant feature of contemporary life, managed through financial analysis, health and safety regulations and attempts to combat and contain natural forces. RISK is a major exhibition initiated by Turner Contemporary to explore this primary dimension of art and life. Featuring international artists from the early twentieth-century to the present day, the exhibition will bring together artworks and artistic practices that engage directly with risk, exploring the subject through a range of themes. These include the intersection of risk and chance, materials and processes; the artist, audience and institution at risk; political risk, exposure and self-revelation; as well as artists reflecting critically on the history and contemporary landscape of risk.

Artists in the exhibition include Marcel Duchamp, Marina Abramovic, Gerhard Richter, Francis Alÿs, Simon Faithfull and JMW Turner.