Final project report

The Organising Disaster project involved working with civil protection practitioners across three countries: India, Switzerland, and the UK. The project has produced a number of journal papers where our findings are discussed with a specifically academic audience in mind. However, we were also keen to provide a report that sets lays out some of these findings in manner more digestible for both our participants, who were so generous with their time and in allowing us access to the inner workings of their various organisations.

The result is a final report, which we publish today in both English and German. The report contrasts the civil protection structures of each of the three countries, the historical, cultural and material factors that influence these, the function of civil protection exercises within a larger civil protection system, and the specific effects these exercises have, including the manner in which they struggle to coordinate many overlapping ‘realisms’.

The English report can be downloaded here (PDF).
The German report can be downloaded here (PDF).